Trump was saying how he thought Chelsea (pictured with her mother, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton) did very well during the convention when he jokingly made the remark about wishing the pair were not friends Ivanka said Trump is able to speak directly to the people via social media, while she admitted that his tweeting 'does get him into hot water every once in a while.'She added that when Trump did speak out of turn, his supporters agreed that his 'authenticity' 'balances out the occasions when it goes awry.'She also faced questions about her father's clash with the parents of Army Capt. Trump sparked a major backlash after he suggested that the likes of Khan should not be allowed in the United States or to enlist.

Donald Trump (pictured during a rally in Colorado) said on Friday that while his daughter Ivanka is friends with Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, he wishes the pair did not like each other 'because it would be a lot easier''I appreciate very much the platform and the ability to impact and create change at the highest level.

Later that night, Billy went to the Chancellor Estate and the two professed their love. During their senior year, Billy wanted more from Mac than she was willing to give and they soon broke up.

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Billy's brother Jack paid off his debt on one condition - Billy was shipped off to Hong Kong to work for the House of Kim.

Billy beat his gambling problem and did some traveling.

* Recovered from his gambling problems and started traveling. * Told Amber his name was "Liam" and showed up to surprise her at Daniel's art show in New York City. * Agreed to work at Jabot and be Jack's inside man. * Was hired and fired as CEO of Jabot by his mother, Jill. * Married Chloe Mitchell, the mother of his daughter.

* Met up with half-niece Colleen Carlton at the art show. * Realized he is the father of the baby his brother's wife, Chloe, is carrying. * Discovered that first love, Mackenzie, and he were never related, as once thought! * Thought he married Victoria Newman in Jamaica, but it wasn't legal. * Bought/adopted a child for Victoria after they lost theirs. * Sought vengeance on Adam Newman, the driver who hit his daughter. He slept with Kelly Andrews and it led to their divorce. * Saved from a burning building by Adam when he was posing as Gabriel Bingham. * Was beaten for a gambling debt, then accidentally run over by Noah Newman. * Teamed up with Phyllis to take down Victor and develop the Pass Key project.

After the two arrived home on Christmas break, they decided never to be apart again and moved into a loft apartment with Raul and Brittany.

Billy and Mac later became engaged and made plans to spend their lives together.

He realized that his brother's wife, Chloe, is carrying his child - they knew each other from New York.

Billy was living with Amber, but after she moved out, he stayed in Phyllis's penthouse.

His grandmother Katherine later uncovered that Billy had a gambling habit and owed a huge debt in Miami.

It wasn't until Kay found out that Billy had pawned one of her antiques that she realized how bad his problem was.

There's also some issues I'm deeply passionate about as a woman in the workforce but running for office is not something I want to be doing.