Something that would destroy Sunnydale and stress Buffy?All compelling options, yet perhaps it is something much worse.In front of each of them was a small drum, tambourine, and maraca to play as Alika, in a blue button-up and casual pants, and Ashley, in a see-through feathered gown with some serious shoulder-pad action, walked in.

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Dating in the dark couples still dating video

Every morning, Chuck sends her a text, and they video chat nonstop.

PHOTOS: Reality love gone bad Marcus, Episode 5: Though Candace chose him at their Selection Ceremony, once they left the island, they decided they're better off friends.

After all, auto-tune is a beautiful, beautiful tool. The Rehearsal Dinner Ashley and Alika set out to knock guests' clothes off, and they certainly succeeded. That is, until she hit the gong and the drinks started pouring. The Wedding Instead of a guest book, Ashley requested that guests use their bodies to paint a canvas.

The night before the big day, they hosted a naked yoga session with instructor Blue Cheetah leading the way. Blue Cheetah was of course on hand to help with alignment, but drew the line at medical examinations. "I'll be able to look at this and remember every single person," she said as the camera panned over to the guys planting their naked butts on a potential piece of art.

Can we look forward to exposing ourselves to another naked wedding?

A threat that only Captain America or the X-Men could thwart?

After leaving paradise, the pair kept in touch with routine phone calls and texts until, finally, Alika was overwhelmed by how powerful, interesting, and unique she was. Luckily, we got a courtesy roundup of where our favorite couples (and singletons) stand: PHOTOS: Topless stars — celebs who've gone near-naked Wee Wee & Joe, Episode 1: Their fiery chemistry has sparked into a serious relationship.

So much so that Joe has even met Wee Wee's mom. Marissa & Steven, Episode 2: Steven explained in his confessional that they're in the "early days" of their relationship and are still "working things out." Just vague enough to satisfy producers.

Now single, he came wanting to get this wedding "turnt up! J., Episode 7: After a whirlwind of romance on the show, the two finally got together at the Selection Ceremony and viewers let out a sigh of relief.