The bops continued in the lower half of the bracket.Dark smashed Solar 3-0 with aggressive ling / bane play to claim revenge after the latter’s 4-3 victory in the SSL Finals last year, commenting that his opponent played far below his usual standard, while Polish hope Nerchio suffered a similar fate against Stats.

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Stats’ win in particular was one of the most technically precise series of the tournament so far, tearing apart Nerchio’s trademark lurker style in game 1 with storm and immortals.

Game 2 ended swiftly after a huge adept attack inflicted game-ending damage on the zerg, but game 3 on Newkirk went long as well.

INno Vation came into the quarterfinals fresh off his swift 3-0 of Ryung, but a Live was a whole different prospect as we were treated to the best Tv T series of Legacy of the Void (VOD HERE).

Game 1 immediately ramped up the tension, with a Live pulling off some of the positional moves that characterised his play throughout the series, dealing heavy damage to INno Vation’s economy and production.

A reaper rush on Honorgrounds and a doom drop on Proxima later, INno Vation was already up 2-0 heading into Cactus Valley.