As a proud resident of sin city and an adult entertainment professional, I often find myself caught in a discussion about whether it’s better for a gentleman to illegally hire a Las Vegas prostitute or to journey to a brothel on the outskirts of the city and partake of the legal pay-to-play services offered there. However, It is widely known that several of the Las Vegas escort services advertised online provide illegal prostitution (sex for money.) When one considers that many of these escorts are conveniently located near the strip, and can even be sent directly to a client’s hotel room, it’s easy to understand why hiring an escort is so enticing for Las Vegas visitors.

Don’t ever ask how much or “what service do you provide” at the bar or anywhere downstairs.

Once behind closed doors the girl may strip down and request for you to do the same to make her feel more comfortable. If any of these things are requested then oblige by doing so without hesitation so it doesn’t send off any mixed signals.

Many individuals who work in illegal prostitution are con artists and dirty hustlers with little regard for the welfare of their clientele.

Someone commented in this entry about me making a post about how to get an escort here in Las Vegas for the first time and how to make sure everything goes smoothly to avoid the disaster he went through.

When a guy hires an escort in Las Vegas, he’s literally gambling with his life.

A common scam utilized by Las Vegas escort agencies is the “bait and switch”.

Legal brothels only practice safe sex, ensuring the safety and health of customers and sex workers.

There has never been a case of anyone contracting an STD or HIV as a result of an encounter with a prostitute working at a legal brothel in Nevada.

Unfortunately there is no easy way or perfect way to go about things since every girl working out here is different, but I can definitely give some pointers.

I’ll go through every way you can get a girl here in Las Vegas and what clients can do to make the girl feel more comfortable.

When calling to inquire about pricing and such they usually try and get a room number and the registered name to confirm you are serious so they can call back and discuss things once you are verified.