As her parents comfort her, they tell her that they also miss Minnesota and Joy and Sadness work the console together, creating a new core memory that combines their emotions; a new island forms representing Riley's acceptance of her new life in San Francisco.A year later, Riley has adapted to her new home, made new friends, returned to her old hobbies, and adopted a few new ones (fueled by new, more nuanced core memories from combinations of her emotions).

The other emotions try to maintain Riley's happiness in Joy's absence with disastrous results, distancing her from her parents, friends and hobbies.

As a result, her personality islands gradually begin to crumble and fall, one by one, into the "Memory Dump", an abyss where memories are forgotten.

At the bottom, Joy then begins to lose hope, but discovers a sad memory of a hockey game that became happy when Riley's parents and friends comforted her.

Joy realizes that Sadness serves an important purpose: to create empathy in others when Riley is emotionally overwhelmed and needs help.

In desperation, Anger inserts an idea into the console prompting Riley to run away, believing that her return to Minnesota will enable her to make new happy core memories.

Joy and Sadness encounter Bing Bong, Riley's childhood imaginary friend, who suggests riding the train of thought back to Headquarters.To the surprise of the others, Joy hands control of the console to Sadness, who is able to successfully extract the idea, reactivating the console and prompting Riley to return home.As Sadness reinstalls the core memories, turning them sad, Riley arrives home to her parents and breaks down in tears, confessing that she misses Minnesota.Docter found surprise and fear to be too similar, which left him with five emotions to build characters around.Inside Out is the first Pixar film without input from co-founder and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who died in 2011.When Sadness begins touching Riley's happy memories, turning them sad, Joy tries to guard them by isolating her.