In this instance, the start date will be the first day of the financial year, and Practice Ignition will automatically calculate the pro-rata.

If you do not want to charge a large amount upfront, you can use the invoice schedule feature to split the upfront across the remaining months of the engagement period.

Once the proposal has been accepted, if you have an accounting system integrated with your Practice Ignition account, it will automatically generate an invoice for the upfront amount, and later on when you have finished the work, you can choose when to bill the remainder.

This is an add on feature to the 'Bill on completion feature' so you also have the ability to change the value of the on completion value if you are billing by time.

Practice Ignition now has Weekly Billing in beta testing!

If you would like to beta test our Weekly billing feature, feel free to send us an email via [email protected]

Once the proposal has been accepted, you can choose when you want to push the invoice across, and at that time you can also edit the amount being invoiced. If the price is subject to change, we recommend getting them to write in their service description something to the effect of: "The price listed is an estimate only and subject to change by X%" You can bill a percentage up front on acceptance, and the remainder on completion by using our 'Deposit slider' in the Bill on Completion billing type.

Simple choose bill on completion, and slide the toggle for Deposit on at the bottom.

Depending on what fields are completed the summary will be tailored to present the entered information in the best possible format. if you just enter a minimum price of 00 it will presented as "Priced from 00".

If a min of 00 is entered and a max of 00 is also supplied it will be presented as "Priced from 00 to 00".

As soon as the engagement is accepted, payment is due immediately before work commences.

Simply choose 'On Acceptance' as the billing type for your service in Practice Ignition.

It is defaulted to 50% but you can change this to whatever you want.