If you aren't satisfied with your self-image right now, say and do things that will raise your self-image.

My brother, the more observant Jew in our ultra-liberal family, convinced me and my siblings to explore Israel together.

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"But since you're here all alone on the island," they asked, "why do you have TWO synagogues?

" "Because," replied the man, pointing to the buildings, "that's the one I go to, and that's the one I don't!

I can’t predict what will happen to the various streams within Judaism today, but I do believe that the best bet for a strong Jewish future is to remain loyal to our faith and traditions.

In 1451, Pope Nicholas V issued a decree forbidding all social contact between Christians and Jews.

As long as the game is still going, there is a chance that someone who started out not doing so well can "make a comeback" and do much better.

The same applies to living life: It's not over until it's over.

Thus, the first of the Ten Commandments tells us to believe in Divine Providence, that God attends to the operation of the universe and that things do not occur accidentally or spontaneously.

Therefore, the first commandment does not state, "I am your God Who created the universe," because creation of the universe does not assume an ongoing participation in its function.

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