The guitar is a black L-0 with firestripe pickguard. Tone Pros Kluson KB3 guitar tuning machine was inspired by today's professional guitarists who want to retrofit newer guitars for vintage mass and tone.I first submerged the tuner button in thin cynoacrylate glue to the point where the plastic meets the metal shaft, making sure to keep it submerged until there were no more air bubbles rising to the surface.

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The KF6BL locking 6-on-a-side tuner set includes matched plating colors on the tuning mechanism knobs for enhanced appearance on lighter colored headstocks. Now you can retrofit your vintage guitar with no modification.

Since 1925, Kluson has been supplying America's finest guitar manufacturers such as Fender, Gibson, Martin, Epiphone, Mosrite, etc., with original equipment tuners.

Tone Pros Kluson B3 tuners fit any guitar with 25/64ths large hole/bolt bushing format without modification.

B3 series tuning machines come with the same vintage Butterscotch Keystone buttons of the 33 series.

This month, we’ll be resurrecting some original Kluson tuners from a ‘55 Gibson ES-225T.

I was able to date the tuners by referencing a few of their features.With these distinct features I was able to deduce that the Kluson tuners were manufactured between 1953 and mid-1956.Prep Cleaning To remove years of grime and whatever else might be growing on these tuners, I used Q-tips lightly moistened with naptha on the tuner button, shaft, cover, and chassis.The bottom side of the tuner had a stamp into the metal reading, “2356766 PAT.APPLD.” There were no markings with the words “Kluson Deluxe” over the gear cover, but they did have the second tuner posthole, which Kluson added to the gear cover design in 1953.We're proud to continue this tradition, and offer correct replacements for all of those wonderful vintage guitars.