With two persistent, but inept, FBI agents on their tail, the ditsy Dee and Dawn try to stay one step head of the law, as well as try to figure out what is really going on.Bob Clark in fact directed the film, including additional re-shoots in Los Angeles."Blonde and Blonder" is a great brain off entertainment for a quiet evening.

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The young Sergeant Peckham is transferred from vice to homicide squad for the investigation. See full summary » Mayor Stiles' daughter Donna is killed the night after a lousy date with the shy Mitch. When Mitch gets free on bail, Styles hires ex-cop Mace to ...

See full summary » Diane Blaine has the face of a movie star.

Obviously there are no intelligent moments, but at least it does not entirely rely on toilet humour or nudity to make viewers interested.

I mean, they are actually very serious about this film, with so helicopters and speedboats in the final chase!

Glorified by movies and television, hounded by law enforcement officials, marked for death by their enemies, mobsters live violent and often brief lives. Still, there are secret rituals, complicated rules and tangled webs of family loyalty.

In this article, we'll find out how people get into the Mafia, what the Mafia does and what law enforcement agencies have done to stop them.

Executive Game: a special-event card game for celebrities and other high-rollers.

Enforcer: a person who threatens, maims, or kills someone who doesn't cooperate with Family rules or deals.

If you grow up in a [New York] borough and you’re an Italian-American, you just know people.

My family has a lot of ties to that life and that world, especially on my mother’s side. I remember one time my friends stole a car, and it was a Mafioso’s car and they didn’t even know it. Q: Your great-grandmother also had a unique connection to the New York mob. My great-grandmother was a midwife in Harlem, and she was the only person giving abortions at the time, so she ended up knowing secrets about every single Mafioso.

See more » Just a few minutes into the movie, Dawn and Dee are taxiing in a small plane to the runway.