So, that’s pretty much strike one, because family and friends rarely if ever help you in the romance department.

That’s why I find Eight at Eight so helpfu – it’s their business. If you've been on online dating sites, then I probably don't need to say much more.

" Hope "I recently returned to the dating scene and found out how difficult it can be to meet people with similar interests.

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Not sure why, other than men (who may know the most single men at work, etc.) just don't see themselves as matchmakers.

Women (who may know the most single women at work, etc.) seem to enjoy matchmaking more.

I have even been on a couple dates with ladies I have met at the dinners." Eric "Just a note to say what a great time I had last week!

I've signed up for next weeks Ri Ra dinner and look forward to it!

Each of us got to be comfortable, to open up, to see and be seen, to share different dimensions of ourselves freely.

Good-bye to those junior-high feelings of awkwardness and "wondering if he will ask me to dance." Cattle-call singles events were the final strike for me.

Why I think I – and many others – have been striking out in finding romance: If you've been single again for a while and have tried to encourage family and friends to think of singles they know and introduce you to them, that does not always come to fruition.

I find that most of my family and friends are married – happily married – and they just do not think in terms of "who do I know and why don't I put in the effort and energy into introducing two people who may enjoy meeting?

Even if I don’t have a romantic connection with someone, I do have a great time with everyone at the table.

In some cases, we have gone out again as a group after dinner.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about most of the match-worthy qualities that these sites claim to use.