If they contact you this way tell them that you would like to talk but on the website.

This guys name is Scott Jackson and his daughters name is Karina.

I let him know that I knew he was a scam and that this bank was closed for business.

Additionally, the phrase "spud to completion" refers to the time between the spud date and the well being completed, and the phrase "spud to sales," or "spud to rig release," involves the time from spud to the point the well comes online.

The time required to move from spud to TD, spud to completion and spud to sales can all be included as cycle times.

Initially, when a new oil well is going to be drilled, a larger drill bit is used than what is going to be used to get to the final depth.

This first drill creates a hole in the surface that is then lined with concrete, forming a barrier to avoid any contaminants from bleeding into the ground water.He got very upset and started cussing about what kind of bank did I bank at.In the mean time his daughter borrowed some money for a male school mate and he wanted his money back or he wanted other things.This can help differentiate one company from another, providing a point of analysis when determining how to invest funds.Comparing the spud date to the date the total depth is reached, also referred to as spud to TD, can help compare operations of one drilling company to another, as well as improvements in a company’s performance from the completion of one well to the next.Well the check was drawn on a canadian account and had to go to collections....thank god.