Charming, and always ready with a good soundbite, Senator Ninoy Aquino settled into his role as the primary gadfly of the Marcos regime.

Moreover the variety of this cuisine never let you grow bore of it.

A disturbing video shot in 1983 shows Filipino army personnel boarding a plane and ordering opposition leader Benigno Aquino, Jr., more commonly called Ninoy Aquino, to disembark. Aquino walks out onto the tarmac of the Manila International Airport, while uniformed men prevent his companions from following.

On August 21, 1971, Aquino's Liberal Party staged its political campaign kick-off rally. Shortly after the candidates took the stage, two huge explosions rocked the rally - fragmentation grenades hurled into the crowd by unknown assailants killed eight people and injured about 120 more.

Ninoy immediately accused Marcos's Nacionalistas Party of being behind the attack.

Suddenly the sound of a shot rings through the plane.

Aquino's traveling companions begin to wail; three more shots sound. Ferdinand Marcos's regime would blame Galman for killing Aquino - but few historians or citizens of the Philippines give any credence to that claim.A somewhat indifferent student, Ninoy decided to go to Korea to report on the Korean War at the age of 17 rather than moving on immediately to university.He reported on the war for the , earning the Philippine Legion of Honor at 18 for his work.During the Second World War, he served as Speaker of the National Assembly in the Japanese-controlled government. He died of a heart attack in December of 1947, before his trial could take place.Ninoy's mother, Aurora Aquino, was his father Igno's third cousin.His trial dragged on for years longer, however, until November 25, 1977.