on November 14, or did he say Day 1 of your pregnancy is November 14?

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They go back and start the count on the first day of your last period.

The last one given to me before that was July 7 (which was at 12 weeks 5 days using the July 12 due date or 13 weeks 3 days using the July 7 due date). I'm planning on having a DNA test anyways but for my own peace of mind I'd like some reassurance.

an Ovulation Calendar which will estimate when you are most likely to ovulate and our Pregnancy Due Date Calendar that estimates your most likely due date.

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I'm only 7 weeks and have had my due date changed 3 times.

Due dates change depending on the development of your child.

June 14 (40 weeks) Given that your due date came from a 12th week ultrasound, and even if we use the slight discrepancy with the date of your period to assume it might be a few days off (to be expected when the margin for error is 7 days) I'd say you did not get pregnant any earlier than September 17.

My phone apps give me an due date the same as my doctor which would give me an ovulation date of July 14th but if I calculate my ovulation date from ultrasound due date that would give me an ovulation date of July 9th.

I tried multiple websites and they all the same thing. If a woman has regular cycles there will be a 2 week gap between lmp and ovulation.

The due date for you will be calculate by your LMP even if your conception date is known as that is the way it has been traditionally done.

They go with the ultrasound due date as your due date.