I am talking about single educated professionals who want nothing more than to meet their dream husband and make him happy. Oh one more thing, Russian girls love American guys.There are about 1 million foreign born Russians in the USA today.

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Are you are tired of dating chubby tomboys who are tattooed and swear like a sailor? Maybe you want to consider dating Russian girls in America.

Come on, lets stop dancing around the issues, we all know the difference between Western women and Russians are not just the language, its the culture.

The first twenty years of your life and the culture, society and family values you were raised largely determine the way you manifest and actualize your core values.

I am not a cultural determinist, but you can not tell me that Russian women behave the same way as Western women when it comes to love, marriage and dating? Keep on dating assertive Hillary Clinton loving women if you want.

California has practically the highest concentration of Russians that are accessible on the West Coast.

You can find Russian women at US universities as they are on student visas, in legal jobs or sometimes illegal jobs, usually cleaning houses, students wanting to make money.

Peaceful Valley, WA and West Buechel, KY for CIS immigrants practically that does not do you much good because they are too remote or spread out to have a critical level of a pool of women to fish from.

There are large communities in cold Midwestern farming communities. I think a percentage of the population seeks what they had back home in terms of climate.

The reality the city is to spread out and mixed to say definitively there is a Russian section in Atlanta. I know they are there but they are so integrated with professional jobs they go unnoticed.

There is junk written all over the web about the Atlanta community but for me it is not a center. West coast Slavic princesses – I love talking about Russians on the West coast from Alaska to California.

Count me out, I recommend go East young man, or South or anywhere that does not limit your options to the girl next door.