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The cost was lower than Mullard, but the quality was not. Remaining stock is mixed brands - National Electronics, Telefunken, Mullard Etc.

East German EL34s (manufactured by RFT) with great tone. They are within 1 ma of each other as your said they would be. I tried all types of new production EL34s, but I was never really satisfied with the tone. The Siemens are warm and creamy just as you said they would be.

Vinny Hi Mike, I received the rft Siemens el34 quad a few days ago and I tried them out over the past few days.

The sound is superior to any other tone I have come across.

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Not recommended in amps with plate voltage over 450 volts though many cases of success at up to 500 volts have been reported. I installed the Siemens EL34s I purchased from you and I biased them at about 33-34 ma (445V plate).