Maybe it would be best to focus on your ability to pick a partner?

That doesn't mean these guys are going to stick around... Many of them will stick around for the fun, the kink of both, but soon they discover that it's not all it's cracked up to be, they'll start looking for another woman...

In some areas too, being in a serious relationship with a pregnant woman can put the guy on the hook for child support...

i strted talkin to a guy literally 4 days before she was born and he still aint gone nowhere and have had plenty of men interested since.

dont get discouraged but always remember whats important and dont let your horomones ever decide for you.

Women should find out a guy's viewpoint on unplanned pregnancy way before hopping into the sack.

Maybe you should take a good hard look at why you're so in need of a male's attention.There may be good decent guys out there who would would be willing to date a pregnant need to really be careful and sure as heck don't start having sex with the guy until you know he's a 'keeper' (and definitely doesn't have any STDs that could pose a real risk to your unborn fetus).A warning too....there are a fair # of freaks on this very site who are very open about having a "thing" for pregnant women (fetish) so I'd steer clear of guys on dating sites altogether while your pregnant, and try to meet someone the old fashioned way; in person, through friends, through coworkers, through a mutal activity/interest, etc. This screams 'Needy' and no decent man should touch you!There are men who find pregnancy attractive, but one would have to wonder if they would stick by you after the birth. What I don't understand are these people that think you should be alone for 18 yrs plus 9 months to raise your child.Stay on the POF forums to join in on the conversations, and join some sites for pregnancy and motherhood and connect with other Moms and pregnant women, and seek the emotional support of family & friends. It's been difficult to find someone who is actually interested in a serious relationship rather than just trying to fulfill his fantasy. You can raise happy, healthy children and still have a life outside of them.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Maybe you should consider that abortion that the boyfriend suggested. Keep the child, you will have a lot of responsibility. Jillian, the problem you're going to find is ,there will be creeps out there with a fetish for pregnant women that will hit on you like Lindsay Lohan hitting the sauce .