A woman of deep faith, her family and friends have been helping her establish new routines and traditions.

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Simultaneously, it became harder for Tony to receive those same feelings of me missing Dave.

So, without communicating about any of this in any meaningful, beneficial way, I began to tuck that part of my world away from him.

It deals with the subject of Holly dating again, a very real, wonderful and sometimes challenging step in the grief recovery process.

*** Falling In Love While Grieving a Loss A little over a year ago, I exchanged emails with one Richard Antonio Walls, via match.com, for crying out loud. I knew I wasn’t even close to being through the brunt of the grief process, but I still dipped my toe in the water.

So, I did what any healthy grieving spouse would do and worked furiously on a puzzle. He began to ask me for every ounce of what I was thinking, probing into places I was unwilling to even admit.

I claimed that I would do pretty much anything for Dave to walk through that door at this very moment to return life to simple and to bring happiness to all who knew him. The strange thing is, I would have never surrendered to this wave of grief without Tony drawing it out of me.As we step off into the future together, it’s going to take a lot of grace and a lot of Jesus. Because as the Lord said to the Apostle Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. *** Thank you, Holly, for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.Holly and Tony are scheduled to marry on May 28 and would, I know, appreciate your prayers.In retrospect, I probably had no business putting up a profile, even as vague and guarded as it was, with its three, very stand-off-ish sentences. Most replies came with a brutish, “Hey beautiful, whatcha doin’ tonight,” which made my skin crawl, but Tony’s email was different. It was witty, it was thoughtful and it was intelligent.So, I replied and he replied and off this relationship went.I mean, I know that I am the one who lost someone that I deeply loved, but he is the one feeling out his place in all of this. So, with hearts open to change, (at least Tony’s), we weathered Dave’s 2nd anniversary of his death and Christmas, together. I couldn’t make a decision and I just wanted to get back into the rhythm of school days and schedules.