And finally, remember, this book is about how to be a better and fully developed person, too.

People give advice on how to do things all the time, some free some you pay for.

dating younger women for men over 30-65

The book says dress well; I can see the logic and value of that but I personally have no clue when confronted with a hundred subtly different shoes in a shoe store.

The shopping tour is a simple and brilliant solution.

But, I warn you, this book isn't a quick fix, it is about hard work.

The principles are simple but effort, courage and energy are requiered, but hey! Anyway, you are not alone, the author in his web radio show at live 365 answers any questions regarding this matters, if you call.

He especially emphasizes "The Right Attitude" for men, which in addition to attracting women, is designed to reinforce the man's own sense of self-esteem and manhood.

His advice is some of the most concrete and detailed available.

At first the jacket art and the title--and my religiously indoctrinated morality that liking women more than a few years younger--caused an uncomfortable sleazy impression.

I feared I was taking the first step into becoming a dirty old man. Very importantly, this book and the author have a high respect for all women and men.

The author presents tons of information in a well structured and straightforward manner.

He knows what he does, because he has learnt through his owns experiences in the real world.

For example, the author offers the simple condensed wisdom to run and work out but doesn't waste space on further details like training techniques. In short, excellent help for those who are willing to help themselves. As mentioned in the review, the author has worked with pioneering self-esteem pychologist Nathaniel Branden (another excellent author you can look up here).