Ask Karla Miller about your work dramas and traumas by e-mailing [email protected] Dating, relationships, partners and everything else that comes with them, are never simple and are the source of a large proportion of all of our troubles and woes.

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But office romances tend to be particularly corrosive to office morale, to say nothing of the legal issues they may churn up.

And Samson and Delilah are doing themselves no (professional) favors.

It's tried and tested and we all know it to be true, but boy does it make relationships that much harder and leave many of us in a pool of unrequited love or pounding against the wall in frustration and jealousy.

Another example is having a crush on your boss and this is again something we can't have or at least shouldn't have.

I suspect that one of our board members is having an affair with an independent contractor who works with us, and for whom he is responsible.

A misplaced accusation could damage me, my organization and my career. Karla: False accusations are bad, but unethical dealings can be equally destructive.

That colleague now “reports” to my boss’s boss; however, he is rarely in the office, so my colleague and my boss (her boyfriend) have weekly one-on-ones. I don’t think she is as qualified or performs as well as the rest of our team.

She once was assigned a project but apparently didn’t have time to finish it, so her boyfriend (my boss) completed it for her.

Otherwise, for now, try to stay focused on your work, and maybe consider how long you can stand to keep working for a boss with such poor professional judgment.

Reader: I’m on the board of directors of a small nonprofit.

If a non-accusatory direct question is a non-starter — “You and Contractor seem close.