Even the very existence of religion here has been questioned.

There is, however a very common belief that Khajuraho is a place for "free love".

Khajuraho was a place of worship and religious discourses were also held here.

“At this point, you realize that eventually he’s going to do something to disappoint you (and you him), because again, he’s not a perfect person.

There are questions posed by many regarding the religion in Khajuraho during its flourishing days.

I’m not a miracle worker.” It’s a simple piece of advice, but Natalie stresses the importance of not altering your personality or mannerisms based on what you think the other person wants to see.

“I know sometimes we may have ways about ourselves that may not be so attractive, and we want to adjust that.

“It’s a matter of finding personalities that will compliment your client.

Sometimes that’s not as easy as people think it is,” she says.

Of the total number of sculptures that adorn the walls of Khajuraho, hardly one tenth of them are erotic.

There are several images of divine beings, with many holding manuscripts and several others in yogic postures.

Natalie says that it’s important to quickly recognize what type of guy you’re dealing with, and act on that.