These actions, if you don’t already know, should always map to POST methods. Things might not be compatible, there might be memory leaks and other weirdnesses…Active Record is without doubt the de facto ORM library for Rails and many Ruby web frameworks.

On top of that, because these actions are destructive, the UI should always ask the user for confirmation…Dating girls is like calling a callback function without knowing the accepted arguments. Many developers however, do not like database migrations and prefer to use DSL for data mapping.

"If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question? Your Inner Bitch, that integral, powerful part of you, is essential when you're falling in love, and even more essential when you're falling out of love.

Datamappify is created with the sole purpose of getting rid of the DB migration headaches…

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These students tell me--and I've been hearing this for many years--they can't remember when they last had a thorough review of grammar--I include word usage, sentence structure, punctuation, etc.--under "grammar"--and I believe them.

(As a side note, I'm mortified when I read expressions such as "have wrote," "have went," and "laying in a ditch" in our local newspaper.

So i download Tinder, get talking to a nice guy and add him on fb.

And what does it mean when people say 'I'm seeing ___'? It's simply different today, different from when I began my teaching career as a graduate assistant (freshman English) the fall of 1965 at Baylor University.In 1969, I landed my first full-time teaching job at a small college in East Tennessee, where I stayed two years.Thus, with more than forty years of full-time college teaching experience, I have instructed many kinds of students in different types of institutions, primarily medium-sized state universities and church-related colleges.For an instructor to be effective, I honestly believe it is necessary for him/ her to date and index: After all, Student 1 (1980) is not Student 2 (2000) is not Student 3 (2013), etc.; the same applies to colleges and universities.One day very early in my career at Baylor University, where I had decided to work on my Ph D in English, the director of freshman English called me in and told me he didn't understand why I was not teaching grammar--apparently there had been some complaints--because grammar was included on the departmental final.