Dont Get Upset When She Offers You Help Women are care takers by nature.

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Never hold back giving a woman a gift because you think it will not be enough. Do Not Resent Her Some men are so affected by the fact that their women make more money than they do that they actually begin to build resentments. Do not resent your woman because she is successful. She cannot help that she makes a nice living and more than likely she never set out in life with a goal of making more money than the guys she dates.

This is very much like a little boy not liking to be beat by a girl on the playground or a guy who does not like that his girl is smarter than him. If you feel as though you fall short remember that you own that feeling. You will have to learn to live with her making a better in come than you.

If you are in a relationship with a woman who is making more money than you, you may be feeling a bit inadequate in this department.

If you are in this situation try to realize that you have a few choices here.The Need to Provide All men have an inherent desire to provide for the ones they love.This is not to say there are not some dead beats out there that could care less but generally speaking men are providers at heart.You may sometimes get the sense that you are not enough for her and that you have to do more.Maybe there are things you wish you could buy her but cannot afford.You can either strive to get a better paying job and improve your income or you can resign yourself to the fact that she makes more money and get on with your relationship.