I would like to spend some dough to upgrade it, I tried a pirated WIN 7 os (relax, just seeing if it runs swell enough to buy it) and I was wrong, dead wrong.

Hi there Since January 2007 I have owned a Dell Inspiron 1501 and am having a few irritating problems with it.

I recently had the popular problem of Windows 7 battery manager malfunctioning and not charging my battery when plugged in.

dell inspiron 1501 updating issues-44

Firstly, the laptop is running XP SP 2 has 1GB of RAM and a 70GB HD.

The CPU is an AMD Turion 64x2 1.60GHZ The problem i am having is that the computer will run incredibly slowly periodically.

I've tried to install via Free DOS to get "This program can not be ran in DOS mode" I only have Ubuntu 14.04 and a 256mb usb flash drive. If it loses clock and gives BIOS errors that usually is the coin battery.

Bios currently on 2.6.2 and have a battery error which is bios error.

Have a Dell inspiron 1501 laptop which was working fine today.

I downloaded and tried to install latest Bios update from Dell website, and computer froze. I disconnected battery, unplugged computer and held start button for 30 secs to try and reset laptop. Remember the warning that said not to turn off the system durring the update?There seems to be no pattern to when it will behave like this either.When the laptop is running slowly, typing is made virtually impossible, as there is a huge lag between pressing a key and the character appearing on screen.At first i thought that this must be due to some sort of malware or spyware installed on the system, however; i have now totally reformatted the HD twice and clean installed windows on both occasions.The problem is still there and nothing i have done seems to help.Im not sure wether this is related to the problem above, but about the same time this started, the battery failed completely.