Bianca King seems to find an ideal man in her current boyfriend because not only does she overlooks their age differences, she also learns a lot from him being in the field of business and finances.

He taught her how to invest wisely with her money and save for the future unlike before where she only saves enough but not really manages her financial income very well.

She was born on March 18, 1986 and her full name is Bianca Charlotte King. Throughout her career, she already has played many different roles in movies and television.

Another ex boyfriend of Bianca King was Patrick Garcia but their love story was also short-lived.

They are now good friends since Bianca is very close to Patrick’s sister and she attends some of the family’s events.

King simply said: “I think obvious naman 'yung sagot eh.” When asked directly if it was Trillo, King, without hesitations, said: “Oo.” While she was deeply hurt by what Trillo did to her, King said she was able to move on from their failed relationship a month after their breakup. Kasi po, hindi po magandang gawin 'yun sa kahit na sinong tao.

Kahit hindi mo man mahal yung tao, bilang respeto mo sa tao, maganda na makapag-usap nang face to face,” she said.

She works hard for her career and in return, received a lot of blessings and several projects.

Dennis Trillo was born on May 12, 2981 in Quezon City to a Chinese-Filipino father, Aberlardo Leslie Ho and a Filipino mother, Florita Florencio Ho.

Though they have not talked that much since breaking up, she said they are fine and she’s happy for him now that he found the right girl for him.

She has no known boyfriend prior to Patrick Garcia although she may have been dating somebody not in the showbiz industry or she just kept it private.

King and Trillo became a couple in 2011 but parted ways a year after.