You can’t improve your life, after all, if you aren’t willing to take risks and try new problem-solving strategies.

And while it may not seem as romantic as catering to the every whim of your intended beloved, exposing yourself to increasingly more challenging (but still manageable) social situations is a much healthier way of building the confidence you need to find a date.

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Because of my anxiety, the possibility of being rejected by a girl I liked felt cataclysmic.

So fantasy stories like taught me how to persevere, quietly and nobly, in pursuit of young ladies who were probably quite unaware of my existence.

Stories like these convinced me that staring and quickly turning my head, that volunteering for meaningless favors with creepy persistence, that sighing frequently and audibly were all viable methods for attracting a mate.

These tactics were appealing because they required no sacrifice and minimal risk - they did not necessitate that the wooer subject himself to the hypothetical devastating “no.” Through such strenuous non-effort, I expected to find love. Love is not something you can fall into, like a tumbler clicking into place.

Treatment is vitally important to a person's recovery from depression.

You can help your loved one by helping them keep up with taking their medication and remembering appointments.

These things are not personal and they don't mean that they no longer care about you. Just like when a person has any other illness, they may simply not feel well enough to take care of paying the bills or cleaning the house.

And, just like with any other illness, you may have to temporarily take over some of their daily chores until they feel well enough to do them again.

You can learn everything you need to know about depression and its causes, symptoms and treatments by exploring the links found on the lefthand side of any page of the About Depression site. More » While it may be very tempting to think of depression as laziness or weakness on the individual's part, it is a very real biologically-based illness, and, just like any other illness, it can be treated. When someone you care about is depressed, it's okay for you to feel frustrated, angry and upset. It is very important, however, that you don't allow these feelings to fester and grow.

More » It can be very stressful coping with another person's depression; and, if you aren't careful you may become depressed yourself. Seek out a support group, a friend or a counselor whom you can talk with.

Our hero is Westley, humble farmboy, portrayed by Cary Elwes, who is himself a decent-looking gentleman.