Therefore, she subtly starts to blackmail Susan, using her burnt measuring cup (which Martha found in the ruins of Edie's home) as evidence. This leads Susan to go out on a date with the seemingly charming police officer who came to the street to lecture its residents on safety measures.

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Shortly afterwards, in his van, Susan wants to get to know a little something more about him.

When she asks him how he feels about her, Mike simply kisses her.

Mary Alice's unexpected suicide provokes Susan's suspicion about the Young family; however, her attention re-shifts when she meets a plumber, Mike Delfino, who has recently moved across the street, and whom she meets at her friend's wake.

Susan begins to pursue Mike, only to find that Edie Britt has also taken a liking to the new neighbor.

The women gather the following evening at Susan's to discuss the mysterious note that was used to blackmail Mary Alice.

Susan thinks that they should share the letter with Paul since it could be used as evidence to find the writer.

In addition to that, during her time on the street, Susan became great friends with some of her neighbors, particularly Mary Alice Young, Bree Van de Kamp, Lynette Scavo and Gabrielle Solis.

In 2003, when Susan and Karl were still married, Edie Britt moved to Wisteria Lane, and the two became friends.

Later, Susan decides to make her move on Mike by inviting him to one of her "annual" welcome dinners for the new neighbors. However, knowing that her cooking is bad, Mike agrees to cook and hold it at his house. Mike wants her to come, out of pity, and Susan ultimately decides to bring Julie along, for moral support.