Bad Ending with Oliver: You rejected Oliver and slept in his house for the last night.

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Best Ending with Jack: Dancing with Jack delightfully, you enjoyed the night.

And as Jack told you about his feelings for you, you kindly accepted his offer to stay with him. One year passed, and Alice wore a yellow wedding gown to her wedding ceremony with Jack. Bad Ending with Jack: You enjoyed your dance with Jack when suddenly he told you he loves you. He asked you to go home and rest for tomorrow, and said sorry for being so selfish.

Alice eventually followed him, and she fell into the hole.

When Alice woke up, she found herself in a different world called by the name of "Wonderland".

After you accepted Lance's kind words, he then played his violin practice for you.

One year later, king Lance married queen Alice and lived happily ever after.

Elliot suddenly appeared, said they must return to the surface's time before she goes.

He revealed that the Clock Tower is important to both world's time, and if it collapse, the both world would also be destroyed.

Best Ending with Oliver: You were dancing with Oliver as he confess to you that he loves you, and you accepted staying in Wonderland with him.