If you like to play it coy, Mouse Mingle allows you to “wink” at a potential match before you chat to gauge their interest.Think of it like a Facebook poke with all the same creepy connotations.At the very least, they won't have to worry about which movies to watch together!

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Applying is free, but in order to see matches you'll have to pony up $12.55 per month.

On some level, Tavres seems to think the site may help him with the bare necessities of finding a woman: The former Disney Railroad engineer admitted he had trouble getting dates.

It's a small world after all, but not every Disney fanatic finds it easy to pair up with the Mickey or Minnie of his or her dreams.

That's what Mouse is for: It's a new dating site for Disney fans that helps all Prince and Princess Charmings a chance to find their magical one and onlys.

soundtrack on your commute, there's now a site where you can meet like-minded singles.

Mouse Mingle, as its website describes, is "dedicated to Disney fans” because "traditional Internet dating sites don't understand the passion people have for all things Disney."I'm not the guy who hits on women at the park, and there's no flag that says, 'Hey I’m single,'" he said."I found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as I am." Here's hoping he finds his happily ever after, along with all the other Disney fans!Considering I haven’t been to Disneyland (unironically) since I was 8, I had to settle on a picture of just my face. Mouse Mingle doesn’t require a mutual liking for someone to initiate a conversation, so I got lots of messages from a bunch of different guys.Most of them were perfectly nice and asked me non-sexual questions: honestly, a refreshing change of pace from other online dating experiences I’ve had. There were definitely a few odd balls lacking in social skills in the mix, like this message I got from a young man in Indiana: “If you are not interested be mature enough to say, ‘not interested.’ And if you can do me a favor will you please tell me why and what i can do to improve.” too much work.Former Disneyland Railroad engineer Dave Tavres told La he started the site to address the problems he was having finding dates as Disney-crazed as he is.