It looks like all of Dog’s concerns could be coming to fruition.

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You know they’re just talking to their lawyers and trying to figure out how to tie up all the loose ends before dropping the guy.

Meanwhile Dog has asked esteemed Reverend Al Sharpton to help him, and has retained the African American pastor that performed his last marriage to speak on his behalf.

Many of those advertisements are, by today's standards, racially insensitive.

Racism was bad for business (something clearly at the forefront of Dog Chapman's mind in his rant), and what is defined as racist or racism is always going to be a moving social target, and that can be unnerving for those who are having a difficulty getting past their internal biases.

He made a template of the Black chef and named the product Cream of Wheat.

…Rastus, like Aunt Jemima, is more than a company trademark — he is arguably a cultural icon.

From his statements on the tape, it's clear he isn't using it as a term of endearment (the ludicrous excuse often cited by blacks as justification for tossing the denigrating word around).

Dog isn't into self-reflection, it's everyone else that's not with the program.

For instance, in the corporate sphere, no company would run an ad like that one on the left today, an example I blogged about during the Imus debacle.

Eventually someone at the company realized this wasn't going to fly as a marketing tool; times had changed, and what was once publicly acceptable, had become unacceptable.

A racist in their minds wears a Klan sheet, or hangs out in a white supremacist survivalist unit, they are not the person next door. Clearly burning a cross on someone's lawn or dragging a black man to death behind a pickup truck is not the same as hurling “nigger” at the dinner table, but it comes from the same place — a dehumanization of an entire group of people in order to preserve a sense of supremacy in a world that is race-mixing out of control.