But I tell you this; I've read all three books; I still have no desire to run and watch quote in quote "porn". A book reviewer from New York wrote that he was reading the book on his Kindle while riding the subway and he was oh so shocked with all the sex and porn in it!There were grandmothers quietly sitting on the subway while some other passengers quietly sipping their morning coffee, all the while some few other passengers were reading the sports or business sections of newspapers (But, before you deduct triple digits from the reader's IQ (or mine) for simply reading this book (mine is 157) I'd like to tell you that I'm a veracious reader.

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This blog is a tribute to the characters of the 50 Shades Trilogy & EL James for creating them. I, always the champion of the underdog wanted to see what this book was about, and if his criticism was warranted. Not only I read the first two in one day, and the third over my vacation, I found myself writing a review about it. He is correct in some of his conclusions as far as bondage and tying up someone and having a singular purpose relationship are concerned.

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Basically, a naughty romp which has turned into a legit AU.

More info on the tags to be found in the author's note at the beginning.I'm not saying this to boost my own ego, but to demand the courtesy to have and be able to express my own opinions without having to be labeled as someone who likes deviant or porn because I happened to love this book. And this is a book that has amazing content and a subject matter only few people successfully write about. It’s only because of this thought: “What would others say? I’m an American who fully intends to use her freedom of speech and expression.The book contains subject matters I would have found abhorrent and demeaning to women under normal circumstances.Thank you to my good friend and real writer Weconqueratdawn for taking the time to perform the fanfic equivalent of Edward Scissorhands going crazy - shaping a wonky tree into something that looks like a real thing - precise, clever and impeccably dressed!Will is both a slave and an exalted religious symbol of the Temple, occupying the highest position he is able to.I read science, business, physics, astronomy, history, linguistics books in many languages, and I love literature -- having studied Math, Physics, Computer Science and Linguistics, I read diverse topics all the time. Hope you write many more books; I'll be reading them all!