It doesn’t mean you lurve, or even especially want to bang someone else. In fact, Anne says 'it’s rare that the person you dreamed you cheated with is actually someone you are interested in.' So if you dreamed, like my mate, about getting busy with your local septuagenarian newsagent, don’t worry about it. Although, you have broken up, yet he is on your mind all the time.

And if you’ve ever dreamed that your partner is the one getting some extracurricular action, and then spent a whole day irrationally furious at them, that’s normal too, and coming from the same place.

Dreaming about doing the do with an insignificant other is, basically, largely insignificant. Ask An adult: What Is Sleep Paralysis And Why Do I Get It?

Ba mhaith liom tú anseo anois Translation: I want you here now Because Gaelic is an archaic Have you ever noticed that literally every relevant celebrity can’t seem to manage a lasting relationship?

How can a guy say he loses “respect” for a girl after she sleeps with… Especially when he’s probably the When I was sixteen, I was a debutante. Being a debutante was supposed to be about coming of age.

First up, if you’re dreaming about someone else, and it’s got you wildly questioning your relationship’s integrity, chill the fuck out!

Anne says that usually 'worrying that you will do something to mess up the relationship' causes those sexy dreams in the first place.

No, my sexy dreams are dominated by a man from a telly show I’ve not watched in over a decade.

After a recent Kovac-scapade, I thought 'enough is enough!

Yes, literally, with a white gown and etiquette lessons and everything.

I had a dream my ex was seeing someone else, they ended up being happy, and still angry at me for the break up.

So, the right thing to do is to find the best person who would love you for who you are rather than brooding over the lanes of yesterday.