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That was then and this is now, and some of the cast- Nia Long, Bill Bellamy, Larenz Tate, Bill Bellamy, Isaiah Washington, and Lisa Nicole Carson, and the writer-director, Ted Witcher- chopped it up with The L. Times to dish some previously unknown behind the scenes facts about the film.

In the interview, Witcher revealed for the first time (at least it’s our first time hearing about it) that Nia Long was no where on his radar when he was trying to cast the film. Here’s his answer: Witcher: Believe it or not, I had Jada Pinkett [Smith] in mind.

The director said he met with Lauryn about being in the film, but her schedule conflicted with the shoot, so she instead created that dope song, “Sweetest Thing,” to the soundtrack and we’re not mad at her at all for that one. Her ex was considered a teen sensation among the pop culture ?

READ MORE ILOSM fam’ have you ever had one of those ‘What the…?!! Figured you had, and this news is yet another one of those moments for many people, myself included.

She has starred in many films, including the box-office hit The Best Man and its 2013 sequel, Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Alien vs. Lathan was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance on Broadway in A Raisin in the Sun.

From 2009 to 2013, she voiced Donna Tubbs in The Cleveland Show.Tate: We had our meeting of the minds and there were some things that I saw differently than he, as far as the character.But ultimately what I gathered from him was that we would have a work relationship that was open and that we would be able to do it in a collective way.We also feature comics who have been on the scene for a while but haven’t quite become a household name yet.We also feature articles on Hollywood actors who we see all the time but just don’t know their name yet.In case y’all didn’t know, Isaiah never bites his tongue for nobody, even it it costs him his job: Washington: I remember one of the producers walked into my trailer with clippers in his hand demanding that I shave my head because he wasn’t aware of any teacher that would look like me, with a goatee and locs and wearing a field jacket. My reason for doing this character looking this way is because we had a huge problem with African American hair in the workplace and, unfortunately, 20 years later we still have people losing their jobs because of locs.