(x) That was before he started dating Hannah in 2012.- [Tony Awards 2010] When she won that first prize [of the evening], I couldn’t have been more elated.Williams also does her own singing, nailing Monroe’s breathy vocal style in clips of her doing “Heatwave” and “That Old Black Magic.” Beyond its lead performance, the film suffers from the chintzy counterfeit feel of too many screen recreations of real-life celebrity tales.

But despite repeated warnings to avoid getting in too deep, he falls under her spell, bewitched as much by the sad child-woman as by the dream goddess.

Redmayne strikes a fine balance between blind adoration and a more manful urge to protect Marilyn.

The director comes from an extensive background in theater and television, notably the two .

(The roster of accomplished British actors turning up in nothing roles, among them Dominic Cooper, Derek Jacobi, Toby Jones and Simon Russell Beale, attests to his clout.) But while he does coax marvelously loose work from Williams, Curtis’ first theatrical feature is otherwise starchy and short on perspective.

I say 'maybe she's scared, sir' and he blasts 'we're all scared, that's what we do' and I think that's true.

You'd be hard-pushed to find an actor without some sense of nervousness, because we're all being scrutinised, and we want so hard to get it right." ..."I remember one time, Michelle came out into the long corridor at Pinewood, tottering just like Marilyn, Clemence Poesy says Eddie Redmayne is the ''loveliest guy''.“There’s a lot of older guys in Hollywood.” That duality -- guileless and jaded, instinctive and knowing, helpless and manipulative -- is key to Williams’ characterization.While there are no startling new insights, she harnesses the essence of Marilyn as a fully sexualized being and a lost girl caught up in something she both needs and fears.His work, as much as Williams’ bruised candor, makes their scenes together captivating.“That’s the first time I’ve kissed anyone younger than me,” she says after a brief lip-lock during a day of truancy from the set.While the French actress refused to confirm reports she is dating her 'Birdsong' co-star, Clemence did admit they are close but says she felt sorry for him when they were filming because he ''was stuck'' with her. We went out one night early on and got pretty pissed together - we went through our disastrous moments in various love lives, and it was quite a good way of getting to trust each other!