We speak with Romain de Waubert de Genlis, creative director at Amplitude Studios, to find out more about the developer’s plans for its games.So modding hasn’t been a big part of our games yet although we always have some people who want to work more on the balance of the factions, on adding more stories and all that.

So that’s how we tried to improve our AI, it was a lot more focused.

Game Watcher: Well AI in a 4X game is a significant feature after all, was it difficult to do since you have been overhauling the whole game?

Game Watcher: Is that your same approach to updating Dungeon Of The Endless as well? Endless Space and Endless Legend would be the same.

Basically we consider our players to be an extension of the team.

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If you were trying to download a trainer, please clear your browser cache, history and cookies. Disable/uninstall all AV, firewall and other security software including browser addons and extensions.It’s a game - particularly in single-player - where you play 100 hours or more, so it’s easy to see the limits of a non-human player. It’s a very good improvement to make in the update, so we’re very happy about that today.Again it’s also experience that we’ve gathered for the future.The problem is the difficulty of some of these features, so that’s why sometimes the community has to ask for a long time before we can create it.They are tricky, and so they push, push, push until we don’t have any other choice to add it in.We let them know our plans and the things we want to do, and we give them our priorities on that and do the same with the community requests.