These characters are a little scarcer in the world than some other personalities as they make up an estimated three percent of the population.

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The “executive” will always look for ways to redefine the relationship in order to achieve the next stage of relationship evolution.

This kind of growth is usually done in a very positive manner.

They will likely take the lead with their partner and find all sorts of creative and exciting new experiences to share as a couple.

ENTJ isn’t a needy persona and will most likely assume that if his or her partner isn’t feeling satisfied, they will speak up (because that’s what the “executive” would do).

When partnered with a well-developed “feeling” personality, this character may struggle to support their companion’s emotional needs, such as giving positive feedback, offering praise, and sitting down for regular emotional conversations.

“Executives” who are aware of these needs can make a conscious effort to satisfy their partners.

The direct nature of ENTJ can be very refreshing in a relationship, especially for an introverted personality.

ENTJs crave growth and forward movement which is why these two aspects must be present in a long term romantic relationship.

The “executive” is not afraid to speak up if they think something can be done in a more productive way or if they feel that someone isn’t putting forth enough effort as they could.