Copy each of them to the appropriate location on your OS X Server so the Xcode server can find them: You have to run the copy using sudo, because of tight permissions on the folder. Remember that this Distribution for the account and a Distribution Certificate doesn’t yet exist.

If one already exists, and it isn’t in your keychain already (see below), you may have to either a) manually download the certificate from the i OS Developers portal or b) hunt down the person who has the identity and have them send it to you.

error validating server certificate for svn xcode-89error validating server certificate for svn xcode-25error validating server certificate for svn xcode-12

It may be an Assembla thing, but despite my best efforts, I cannot get it working.

Instead, I use HTTPS (with username and password) to access the source.

Some stuff should have just “worked”, but didn’t at the time of this writing. Before you create a new scheme, you may want to set up a new Build Configuration.

I would like to keep this article updated if I missed something, so please post your comments below so I can update this article as needed. Projects created with Xcode come ready out of the box with Debug and Release builds.

The Test Flight upload process will fail because the specified directories don’t exist on your local machine (unless the Xcode server is on the same machine).

However, Xcode should open organizer and a new Test Flight release build should be available as you would expect. The Xcode server will need all of those settings we just changed in the project file to work correctly. There are simply too many build configuration problems to try explain here. If you haven’t already, make sure you have the Xcode Server running on your Mac OS X server. Make sure you add your developer team(s), otherwise things won’t work. However, at the time of this writing, essential distribution provisioning profiles are not installed when you configure teams in Xcode server.

You will be presented with a dialog to import the certificate. Provide the strong password you created when exporting the .p12 file, and if all goes well, you will see the identity in System - Guess what, your Xcode Server now has what it needs to build archives for your app!

Alright, now this is where things are a little weirder than you would expect them to be. However, I cannot for the life of me get Bots configured with SSH to properly pull from the repository.

From there, you are going to paste in the following script (kudos to Justin Miller at and edit some of the values at the top of the script to match your environment.

Below is the script you should use and substitute your values as needed.

All that said, here are the steps to extract the Distribution Identity from your development machine’s keychain (assuming it was created there), and transported to your Xcode server.