Both Fed Ex and UPS have levels of shipping where the post office does the final delivery.. IF you saw that the tracking said that it was on the vehicle for delivery today you'll get it today.. If the tracking only shows the label is printed then it has not been picked up yet.home, such as to your job when possible or a local store if you placed an order from an online retailer with local affiliates.If you only paid for ground shipping, or received free shipping and they used ground rates to get it to you, it is not uncommon for a package like yours to get to a distribution center quickly, but then sit there while they deliver packages that paid for faster shipping.

fedex home delivery tracking not updating-39

I'm just wondering if anyone has had issues with their fedex tracking number not updating. my tracking number claims its due to be delivered today but it seems to be stuck on "Label create, Shipment information sent to Fed Ex" and hasnt received any more updates in 2 days. They may even be able to pull your address and redirect without a tracking number if you for one reason or another received the wrong one. shipping information received from sender status...

Normally i redirect my package to the closest Fedex office but the site will not allow me to do that since according to my tracking number it hasnt even shipped yet.

Also fedex says it should be arriving by tomorrow the 4th.

There are multiple types of Fed Ex shipping, Fed Ex home delivery does deliver on Saturdays, that part of the company is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

I am looking at my tracking and today is the day I should get my Fedex package. It says estimated delivery is the 7th, but the tracking information has not updated since the 4th. I live in Staten Island, NY (Part of NYC.) Should it come today or should I be expecting it on Tuesday.

Well 2 days ago I tracked my package through Fed Ex and it said it was in willington CT and I live in NH so I thought it was gonna be here 2 days ago but then yesterday on there website my package was estimated to be here yesterday but no luck but then all of a sudden it says Estimated Delivery N/A so I called...

According to Fed Ex it was suppose to update that night when it was suppose to be picked from HUTCHINS, TX and make it's way to Dallas before starting out for California.

Basically it's been 4 days since it updated, I realize Wednesday was the firs/a holidayt so it didn't move/update that day but shouldn't it of updated by now?

They may even be able to pull your address and redirect without a tracking number if you for one reason or another received the wrong one. I freaked when I seen it had been delivered, yet I had not received it Phoned them up and got it sorted within 15 mins. It's kinda shocking that can happen in the first place, but the person I spoke to was very helpful.