“The bill shall protect Filipino women against exploitation of foreigners who marry without evident means to support a family,” Primicias-Agabas said.Garcia cited a need to protect Filipinas from foreigners whose “real motive for marriage is only to take advantage and exploit our women by making them work for the family and worse, by sending them to prostitution and other degrading and dehumanizing occupations.” “The exploitation of our Filipino women, through the so-called mail-order or pen-pal, Facebook, website-made, and other internet-made marriages, has not only caused untold miseries and suffering to our Filipino women but it has also brought dishonor and disgrace to the Filipino womanhood,” she said.

Some 22 percent of Black male newlyweds in 2008 married someone of a different race or ethnicity, compared with 8.9 percent of Black female newlyweds that same year.”Among African-American newlyweds, 58 percent married a white person, 23 percent married a Hispanic, 7 percent married an Asian and 13 percent married someone of a mixed race, a Native American, or someone from another race.

Despite the huge gender gap among African Americans, the intergroup marriage pattern between men and women was the same.

Submit an employment certificate and a certificate of good moral character first.

A bill pending in the House of Representatives sets certain requirements before male foreigners can wed Filipino women.

The 22 percent figure for African-American males outside their race was comparable to the figures for Asian males.

Almost a fifth — 19.5 percent — of Asian males took non-Asian brides in 2008.She politely declined and explained that she was there with her boyfriend and their friends.That was simply not acceptable to this foreigner - he refused to accept that she wasn't interested in him.The bill requires prospective foreign husbands to provide a certificate of good moral character and a certificate that he has a gainful trade, business, employment or other lawful source of incometo be issued by his country’s diplomatic or consular official.The two new certificates are in addition to the existing requirement of a certificate of legal capacity.In 2007, 67 percent of white women and 63 percent of white men in the 30-44 age group were married.