If you manage to get your date to laugh, it means you are in the door of approval. If time seems to go pass very quickly, this is another sign of a great date.There are several signs that the date is going well.One of these is laughter- if you are both laughing, the odds are very high that you are having a good time.

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Stay positive in the belief that who will rock your world.

But be realistic by remembering that the majority of the men you meet won’t be The One.

Choose a location that will allow you alone time without adding the burden of too much privacy.

This will allow you both to feel comfortable and keep the conversation flowing.

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Don’t forget the grocery store, Sierra Club hikes, your friends’ parties, and blind dates set up by your friends and relatives. But I digress.) When you’re using online dating, if you remember nothing else, remember this: When you meet for the first time after connecting online, it’s just meeting; it’s dating.

(My mom’s friend set me up once, and the guy took me to a Roy Orbison concert — which was pretty cool once I figured out who he was. I have 10 Tips to Help You Get Past the Meet-Date to the Real Date. The purpose of the “meet date” is only to determine if you want to go on a real date. For most men, this is their time to get a first impression and decide if they want to get to know you better. Remembering this will help you better judge a man’s interest and make more realistic decisions about his worthiness as a possible mate.

If you played your cards properly, the conversations between you and your date would enable you to find out more about each other. You would be in the position to plan and set time for a second date.

There are several tell tale signs for good first dates. If you and your date are both laughing, chances are both of you are having a good time. Keep in mind that understated humor is the best way to go.

Bars are a common place that comes to most people's mind when they go for first dates.