With Co Founders Lab and Founder Dating now combining efforts, our reach runs deep, allowing entrepreneurs to access the resources they need to thrive from team matching algorithms, to community discussion boards and a variety of the ultimate platform where company creation and growth is fortified.

Founder Dating, was originally launched in 2012 by Jessica Alter.

This now gives Onevest a leadership position at company formation and a solid foundation to become the one stop shop for entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors.

We are thrilled to share that we have completed the acquisition of Founder Dating.

As you may know, Founder Dating is a large curated community for finding advisors and cofounders.

“Maybe they were in music, but their last company got sold and now their real passion is in education.” Founder Dating is also not for recruiting, unlike Angel List, which moved into hiring and direct fundraising after starting off as a curated list of possible early-stage startup investments.

Got a bright idea for a company, but need a co-founder?

Their Q&A platform (similar to Quora) -FD: Discuss- has a 90% response rate in addition to a very large userbase of entrepreneurs.

In essence, their offering was very similar to the Co Founders Lab platform.

Until the former acquired the latter, that is, continuing Co Founders Lab’s modus operandi of acquiring its competitors Both sites were successful in their own right and today, the two communities start the merging process that will help the Founder Dating customers integrate into the the Co Founders Lab platform over the next few months, trebling the size of Co Founders Lab’s current user base.

“There were things Co Founders Lab excelled at and things that Founder Dating did better than us,” says Alejandro Cremades, co-founder and executive chairman of Onevest, which operates Co Founders Lab, alongside with the 1,000 Angels matchmaking site for angel investments.

The platform has helped in the creation of many success stories such as (acquired by Linkedin) or Floquast (just raised .5M).

Co Founders Lab is just one piece of the Onevest ecosystem, where the goal is to support companies from founding (via Co Founders Lab) to funding (via 1000 Angels).

The platform, which she started working on full-time about a year and a half ago, costs about to join.