Because of that, and in light of the scheduling restriction imposed, we concluded that the ad was not in breach of the Code.We thought we had seen everything as far as online bingo goes, however word has just reached us that one of the largest online dating site operators, that being a company called Global Personals have just head hunted one of the team tasked with running and promoting the News Internationals Group of online bingo sites those sites being Fabulous Bingo and the Sun Bingo site to help them inter connect their online dating site with a newly launched online bingo site.

More broadly, we considered that the anthropomorphic nature of the fox character; the musical style of the ad and the seaside pier and fun-fair setting were all elements that were likely to have appeal for a wide age range, including children.

However, we considered those elements, including the fox character, were unlikely to have particular appeal to under-18s.

However, we also considered that other aspects, such as his song-and-dance style, speaking voice and interaction with adults, were very distanced from the behaviour of the children's character.

As such, we considered children were unlikely to identify the fox character as one from their own programmes or books or make a direct connection between those characters and the Foxy Bingo fox.

Emma told me; "I couldn't ask for more this Mother's Day than to have my two boys around me and this award on my mantelpiece!

In a TV ad for Foxy Bingo, an actor dressed as a fox wearing a suit and carrying a purple umbrella was shown walking on Brighton Pier in the rain.

As he closed his umbrella he said "Come on, let's get foxy".

The weather changed to sunshine and he was joined by a range of people performing a dance routine, riding a helter-skelter, a merry-go-round and rollercoaster to a revised version of "Get Happy! Over the lyrics the fox stated "It's non-stop fun at Foxy Find your fun at Foxy and get five quid free." The ASA challenged whether the ad, and the fox character in particular, was likely to be of particular appeal to those under-18 years of age.

The ASA noted that the scheduling restriction the ad had been given meant that it would not appear alongside material or images that might be similar in appearance and which were commissioned for, principally directed at or likely to appeal particularly to under-18s.