Some of them I honestly thought were unreasonable, but people managed to do it anyway!

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This instruction is been at the base of how I’ve made every steak for the past 5 years.

Side note, you don’t need to go to a steakhouse and pay $50 for a steak.

The Loves have such little interest in Matty J that they just swig sparkling and ask him inane questions like “how are you with cats” and “do you like allergies” because it’s funny making the small sweaty man stress.

I feel like I’ve seen this exact scene at least 30 times before. Matty J, who has been in love with Georgia since week two, is brutally kicked off.

Every day, I go through all the reblogs and see what comments people make when they share my recipes and am delighted.

There are further suggestions, [like] ways to make a recipe vegan or gluten-free.

I’m quite fond of Swing Dance, and I have a restlessness that will drive me up the wall if I don’t occupy myself constantly. My favorite was a description of the Pokemon Aggron.

Whenever I read it, I couldn’t help but cackle with glee.

Georgia says that she and Lee had an “instant attraction” which like duh, that’s like meeting Ryan Gosling and being like, “we should probably get married because I feel an instant attraction to you? Georgia says that they also have the exact same sense of humour, which is to say, no sense of humour. ” Lee says while sitting on the plane of a budget airline as if it’s only just occurred to him that he might be interested in Georgia. “I can’t imagine my life without Matty J,” Georgia says, in the same tone of voice you use when contemplating adopting a rescue puppy. Anyway, as if anticipating that Singapore will be truly terrible for him, Matty J rocks up to the lunch already sweating profusely and announcing that he might vomit. “I feel like I can’t win,” Matty J says, and then he desperately starts rambling about how he will probably “start looking for jobs in Melbourne soon”. Lee swans in next in a very tight shirt and leather loafers. “Lee was a HUGE standout from the start,” says Georgia, just to remind us that she’s been thinking about the way he, ah, stands out from day one.