At Hawk's New Jersey tow lot the gang goes head to head with enraged car owners trying to retrieve their cars.And when an incensed citizen claims he was misled, ticketer Sonja steps in to defend the Detroit she loves.

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'I’m proud that people do think he’s a good superhero, and I do think that the black community has a lot to be proud of.'The action series, Netflix's third Marvel show following Daredevil and Jessica Jones, features a strong cast composed of Mahershala Ali, Rosario Dawson, Frankie Faison, Alfre Woodard, Erik La Ray Harvey, Frank Whaley, Simone Missick and Theo Rossi.

(Enhanced; updated with new footage.) In Miami, a good Samaritan is shot dead while intervening in a robbery. TC Cepero is forced to resort to a needle-in-a-haystack search for the getaway car, and for the homeless woman who may have seen the killer.

His days are spent in search of oxies, hydros and fentanyl.

Once a proud father, husband and working-man, Kevin's drug use has cost him his twenty-year laborer job, his house and his retirement savings, bringing his family to the point of bankruptcy.

This is not the only thing on their schedule, because after the hunt, Kili has to hurry off to his college graduation ceremony! Barry decides to start thinking inside the box, and brings and inside man. And Jarrod and Brandi start the new season with a system..will it help them find zen? The Sheets make up, but that's not necessarily a good thing. Barry Weiss visits the "King of Kitsch," hoping to avoid a "cat"astrophe.

The buyers head to the northern part of Southern California, Oxnard. While Jarrod and Brandi both find something, but which one will win the battle of the appraisals?

And for once Barry Weiss is the architect, but will his plan come to fruition?

The buyers enter an auction marathon in Riverside, CA.

Today Dog is back in Hawaii confronted with two alleged felons who are in crisis.

Family and friends of these bondees are convinced that they are getting into further trouble while awaiting trial, so Dog and the posse have to bring these men back to the relative safety of jail.

And in Louisville, after a minor injury, a woman makes a routine call to 911--the call becomes anything but routine when gunshots ring out in the background.