The official comment is: “On Xbox One games are games.

The achievements section will not update to the correct amount of achievement points earned.

Forza Motorsport 6 hasn't updated it for two months and the same thing is now happening to me in Apex.

Yet, this information is still important to note for all you achievement hunters out there.

We should have confirmation soon enough, as Xbox One launches in just over a week on November 22.

Just as in last month’s Xbox One system update, a Gamerscore Leaderboard is coming to Xbox (Beta) app on Windows 10, in the Achievements section of your profile.

But now they’re enabling 16-person Parties across both Xbox One Preview and the Xbox (Beta) app. Now, Xbox 360 Achievements will automatically post to your Activity feeds.

It shows I have the achievements in the reward part of the site but the reward points are stuck.

I tried going through Xbox support in case it was an issue with them, but after 2 hours of trying different methods to fix it they said it was an issue with Turn 10.

Keep them coming and stay tuned for more great features on Xbox One and the Xbox app throughout the year!

Tomorrow, Microsoft will issue a major update to the Xbox (Beta) app on Windows 10, giving gamers early access to a ton of new features, many of which parallel this month’s Xbox One Preview release. The leaderboard wil let you compare your score with thsoe of your friends and see the biggest gains over a 30-day period. The Featured section—which is below Recently Played—is being updated to spotlight games, deals, community events and more. Microsoft expanded Party Chat to enable 12-person Parties on Xbox One and the Xbox app last fall.

Microsoft today shared just a bit of what’s coming with the Windows 10 Creators Update for the Xbox platform.