Some atheists have just abandoned the faith and see no reason to believe.This doesn’t qualify as religion, but religion does, and explaining to someone who refuses to see how you are different, why you are different can be nearly impossible. Convinced that there is dogmatism in us all, and that we are controlled by some grand designer, whether by permission, or circumstance.It can be hard because you might not have been exposed to all the in’s and out of social life, and the social norms.

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The tend to think that we are just as religious about our lack of belief as they are about their belief.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, though it is a rehearsed and reverberated lie sold to the masses at length.

We are the ones who drive them from their safe hiding placed deep within the dreams of their delusions, and for that we pay a sore price.

But we are the ones who can see real morality, living without dogma, and with freedom from fear based on a pre determined destiny.

Most atheists have left the dogmatic thinking of resolved divine answers without questions, to question everything.

Including why they believe anything and everything that they do.

Spending time defending your lack of belief over and over can be daunting for even the best of us. These kind of people want to put us under the control of religion, siting every possible flaw in our life as the need to return to mindlessly following along the religious spectrum.

They can be different types of dangerous to atheists trying to date.

Even at the expense of life, and harm, and untold suffering.