He is a member of the Black Youth Project 100 and a graduate of the University of Chicago.

Here are some good examples to give you ideas for your own letter — as well as responses to that rubberstamped apology. This is totally unacceptable and requires a quick and immediate response from our community.

This is just one aspect of the racism black gay men experience on these sites.

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But racism is a system that magnifies and intensifies the petty prejudices held within the hearts and minds of many Americans.

We may have moved past the days of separate water fountains, but we still live in a country where "no Blacks, no Asians" is an acceptable stipulation to one's carnal pursuits.

If Johnson did in fact infect this particular partner with HIV, it is curious that he was assumed to have done so with malice, rather than perhaps making an irresponsible sexual decision, which many of us in this country are guilty of doing.

The presumed malice of Johnson or almost any black man is a foregone conclusion in this country.

A recent study by the organization Pro Publica looked at more than 500 records of people convicted on HIV-related charges.

Of the 322 records where race was recorded, roughly two-thirds of defendants were identified as black or African-American.

It boils down to this uncomfortable truth: If Michael Johnson were not black, he would have been less likely to have been accused in the first place and less likely to be convicted.

So in a world where perceptions can affect whether a black man will end up in prison, we should be skeptical of claims that white gay America's perception of people of color on hookup apps is really just a matter of "preference." Obviously, those who claim such a "preference" on a gay app cannot be equated with violent, willful racists, nor with a discriminatory justice system.

As a result, black gay men are simultaneously feared, ignored, and desired.

However, the chief problem surrounding the discussion about racial dating bias is that it gets reduced to "personal preference." Many of the white men on these apps will often try to excuse their racism by stating "it’s just a preference." But what Michael Johnson’s conviction shows us is that racially biased dating preferences are buttressed by a system of institutional racism that begets more tangible harm.

The questions now are….was their motivation and how will we respond?