If you’re squeamish: err, hell-o-o, why are you here?

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The major disadvantage is that most of us can only do boiling indoors: I’m not fond of filling my house with the stench of boiling cadavers, nor are most people I know.

Stig Walsh once introduced me to the wonders of microwaving.

On a few occasions I’ve soaked carcasses in water: if enough time goes by, all the soft tissues fall away, and clean bones are the result.

However, this can be a very disgusting and pungent technique, you are generally constrained to small dead things, and algae can stain or even ruin the bones entirely.

A while ago it occurred to me that – so long as flies and burying beetles can get in and out of a box containing a carcass – then, that should get the dirty work done.

So I put a corpse (a slow-worm) in a small plastic tub, broke some small holes in the top, and left it alone for a few months. The insects got in, ate all the soft tissues, pupated, and left, leaving behind only bare bones and their empty pupal cases.

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Anyway, Stig and I once microwaved a dead cat and the results were outstanding.