Eternal Writers - more often than actually writing, they talk about writing.They spend years deciding on the title, content and how to publish.They go to multiple events often not surrounded by people their age, who are already over the partying stage. Still Living with Parents Men, who often justify their situation by high Hawaii costs of living. The No Plans Guys - in five or ten years from now they'll be doing the same swim on Kaimana beach to the flag and back followed by looking at the horizon, which like them remains unchanged. Fishermen Type Guys - they will take you to Koolina and you'll see them cut the freshly caught ahi followed by the sashimi tasting - no doubt the best sashimi you've ever had but it'll be hard to hold a conversation unless you're fluent in pigeon just like them and all their fishermen friends, who may look at you as if they've just seen an alien or something. Cali Guys - they love Hawaii but have no intention to move here.

Most of the time the North Shore guys will drive to town to see you.

Expect some flakiness in the winter months i.e when the waves are big. Men with Careers that Move Them - they are now in Hawaii but they don't know until when.

Hopping on a plane or taking a road trip isn’t really an option when you’re living on the most geographically isolated island in the world, but it’s hard to complain when it’s also the prettiest place on the planet.

While it may be difficult to take a true vacation, locals have perfected other ways of having a good time and they’ve gotten really good at throwing parties.

Almost every islander you come across is able to drink you under the table. You know someone loves you when they know your Zippy’s order and surprise you with it.

Zippy’s is a fast food staple in Hawaii, especially on Oahu where it’s got more than 20 locations.

Consuming literally millions of cans of Spam annually, this precooked meat blend is a staple on the islands.

Long-term residents of “the Aloha State” have been chowing down on this unconventional protein source since they were in diapers and they’re bound to have a few great recipes of their own.

One of the perks of dating a local is that you don’t have to worry about dressing up much.

Most days, people on Hawaii have no problem going without nice slacks or dress shoes, some days don’t even require a shirt.

They are usually high achieving doctors, lawyers and bankers who fill up their few free hours they have in a week by engaging in multiple hobbies such as jujitsu, fencing etc.