While there are no cut and dry answers, there are a few tips that could help you enjoy the holiday instead of stressing about it: Don’t invite a new date to important parties.

Instead, go for thoughtful or experiential – like buying tickets to an event you can attend together or passes to ice skate at the local outdoor rink. I know the holidays are a good time to enjoy eggnog and other festive cocktails, but know your tolerance before you start.

If you feel uncomfortable exchanging gifts, let your date know and sit this one out. This time of year we tend to indulge – in candy, food, and especially alcohol – and you don’t want to pass out on your date or otherwise do something embarrassing.

Every Saturday this December, hear Bela Gandhi on Bill Moller's show on WGN Radio.

Every week she is sharing tips about how to land a date by the holidays and assigning homework to help you out!

Notice how full and half body shots are included and they are looking directly into the camera with gorgeous smiles!

Kay launched her online profile during the first week and received 50 contacts in 48 hours!! Below are snapshots from both Kay and Elaine's photo shoots with Bela.

If searching for a potential conquest becomes the focus of your trip then you'll just come across as desperate!

Don't act like a hungry predator stalking your prey.

You shouldn't rush into a romance the moment you step off the plane, but at the same time, remember that holidays are a sped-up version of the dating process so you will need to change your approach slightly.

Time is short so chuck out your usual dating rules, go with the flow and most importantly, have fun.

'Pablo' knows every trick in the book and their daily life consists of an endless flow of tourists (which usually translates as potential girls to seduce). Rather than turning golden brown, you'll be hitting the pinky/red tones on the colour chart.