It is important to me to integrate current scientific knowledge and recent advances from research with my clinical experience and with a sensitivity to the uniqueness of each individual, couple and family, so that my clients can benefit from both.I am a member of the Trauma Research Group of Yale University.It takes a lot of courage to talk to a therapist but the rewards are usually worth the risk of opening up about your life.

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While focusing on my private practice, I have remained very active in research.

Being entrusted with the privilege of helping people on their journey to change their lives and heal, I feel a responsibility to continue to develop and expand my own knowledge and skills.

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Presenting at professional conferences means sharing and examining concepts and observations with others, and working towards a collectively better professional understanding of the complex issues that come up in psychotherapy.

I also feel personally and professionally very strongly that it is important to educate the public about trauma and related issues.

Misunderstood post-traumatic feelings, thoughts and behaviors can complicate the recovery of those traumatized individuals, and complicate and damage their relationships with significant others.

I will soon include a partial list of my presentations and training workshops.

People typically seek therapy because they want to discuss their struggles with someone who is unbiased, impartial and who won’t judge them.